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This list of references is based on entrepreneurs experience during the 10 years of work history at the pulp and paper industry. Eight years of experience is gained working as entrepreneur including robotics and logistic automation at tire mills. ATEX and high voltage installations at oil refinery environment.


Coating color preparation process is familiar after executing EAI part for 3 projects in Brazil one in Colombia and one in China. The delivery scope varied from turn key to component delivery. All projects involved commissioning duties at site.

The latest projects involved machinery at the pulp drying machine wet end part. By executing the complete automation engineering to latest technology twin wire drying machine entire wet end using Siemens S7 platform. Process includes parts like.

· Short circulation

· Hydraulic head box

· Head box Dilution system

· Twin wire forming section

· Lump breaker

· Shoe presses

· Tail threading devices

· Wire and felt stretchers

· Machine structure cantilevering

· Hydraulic unit

· Links to Sectional drives, DCS and Web break monitoring system.

Coating color projects involved also variety of coating color and starch supply systems for paper machines coating stations like:

· Metso SymSizer

· Metso OptiSizer

· Metso OptiCoat Jet Duo

· Voith Blade coater

· Voith Speed sizer

· Jagenberg Blade coater

RTD projects involving:

· White water screening

· Dye dosing units

· Parts of Twin wire forming section

· Web Spreading  Monitoring for Dryer

· Automatic tail threading device

Small projects:

· Starch cooking Jet

· Bale press



Water treatment projects included Floobed biological treatment for effluent, Dissolved Air Flotation for fiber recirculation and Ultra-filtration processes for pigment recirculation. Projects involved three Floobed´s to Brazil, Spain, and Italy, three DAF’s to Wales, Bulgaria, Brazil and three Ultra-filtrations to Brazil, Scotland and China.

Coating color preparation


Supply systems for coating stations

Pulp Drying Machines

Water treatment projects


Delivery included conveyor system programming realized using fieldbus connected motor starters controlled by Siemens S7400 PLC. The logistic command of tire flow was done by receiving routing data from upper level control system.

Project included PLC programming and commissioning service to conveyor system and also Site Manager duties of the process delivered by customer.

Site management included conveyor system, upper level logistic system, press loading robots and gantry robot solution for the green tire storage.  Demanding commissioning was done while line was under a production.

Delivered control system is connected to internet and allows to have efficient and secure remote access to supplied control system even from another side of the world.

Green tire handling for tire mill

Delivery included electrical supervision duties at Neste oil refinery during the 2015 service shutdown.

Electrical installations from inverter controlled motors, to trace heating systems and area lightning from 690VAC to 230 VAC systems. Also some instrumentation installation supervisions from safety valves to temperature measurements and  field box installations included to services.

Some special installations included remote controlled fire extinguisher gun system, fire alarm systems and supervision camera installation.

I also participated to troubleshooting of numerous trace heating system faults, inverter du/dt filter overheating  problem and EOV valve miss function.

All above installations were located in explosion hazard environment so previously participated ATEX training was pressure tested and proved in practice.

Electrical supervision for  Oil refinery

Installation supervision and site manager duties was supplied in a high voltage system project at oil refinery plant.

Project included 2 new 40 MVA 110/10 kV transformers.

New 110 kV supply line for one transformer including 110 kV power line and ground cable.

At the receiving sub station project included modifications to 10 kV GIS panels 10 kV cabling and busduct installations.

Responsibilities included also commissioning of both 110 kV transformers and 10 kV switch gear at autumn 2017.

High Voltage 110 kV installation supervision