EAI-engineer at your service!

Laelma Engineering Ltd.

Laelma Engineering is a professional in area of electrification, automation and instrumentation. We can offer for you variety of services depending on what you are searching for. It can be complete responsibility of EAI project management for investment with value up to millions of Euros or maybe you need a PLC programmer to your RTD project. Any case you can count on to the fact that your job will be finished with the best possible outcome you could have imagined.

Service List

Would you need a person to manage your exportation projects electrification issues somewhere on this planet? Would you feel more comfortable if your EAI issues were handled without language barriers?

Project Management

You have big delivery project on going but engineering resources are limited? We can help you quickly with electrification, automation and instrumentation engineering. Job can be executed at your own office or our home office, your call!


Is your project reaching the erection phase but your recourses are still booked to other site because of delays in other projects? Don’t worry having experienced installation supervisor at site you can start and finish your installation work on time!

Installation supervision

Is the commissioning at your hands and you‘ll need more recourses at site? Or maybe new process has been recently started but other sites are expecting your experts there? Skillful EAI engineer is always welcome to reduce the stress at site.

Commissioning and post supervision

Are you facing the problem of your life? Are there just too many doubts there? What could be causing this behavior? Do you need a third party opinion? Is your trouble shooting team missing the EAI expert? In any case you are welcome to contact us, we can drill our self’s into the core of the problem, how does that sound?

Trouble shooting

Many times the most important part of mill project is commissioning. Engineers from several suppliers often from  different cultural background needs to work in co-operation. Well organized integration management becomes the most essential task.

Lets make your commissioning successful by well coordinated integration management.

Integration management