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High voltage systems experience is the new conquest of professional growth on entrepreneurs career path.




Laelma Engineering  Ltd. is proud to inform that entrepreneur has achieved a new step on a way of professional growth. Autumn 2017 brought a last missing work experience needed to gain authorization to make and supervise high voltage > 1000 VAC and >1500 VDC installations. Missing experience was gained supervising the installation of two 40 MVA 110/10 kV transformers, extension of 10 kV switch gear with new busduct. Project also included 1 km long 110 kV power line and 850 m long 110 kV ground cable installations.

Working as a electrical supervisor in the a biggest rebuild of Neste history at Porvoo refinery 2015 has given valuable experience about electrical installations in explosion hazard environments.

Meanwhile Laelma Engineering Ltd. has been working with joint venture AUTOMArkeT. AUTOMArkeT is automated grocery store. By clicking the logo below you can download the presentation in order to learn more about our innovation.


Laelma engineering Ltd. is searching growth by offering services with higher responsibility and engineering its own products to international market.

Laelma Engineering Ltd. continues expanding the business network in all areas involving micro business.

Company is located in the west coast of Finland where the entrepreneurs roots are buried under the soil what river Kokemäki has carried to the delta during the centuries.

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